Fun Hot Air Balloon Rides

Come, join us for the experience of a lifetime.

Gibboney's Aerostation invites you to join us aboard one of our balloon flights and trade in your earth-bound cares for the most magnificent experience of your life.

Hot air ballooning should be a must on your list of life's experiences. A hot air balloon ride is described by most as the biggest thrill of a lifetime. Riding the winds with seven stories of colorful fabric above you and enjoying panoramic views of the landscape and towns are just some of the joys of a hot air balloon adventure. The only way you really notice that you are flying is to look down to the ground and watch the houses and fields float by. With no engines to make noise, it is a serene quiet adventure through the sky.

Mountaineer Balloon Festival, Morgantown West Virginia.

A full service balloon company.

In addition to balloon rides, our FAA certified commercial pilots offer aerial advertising, flight lessons, crew training and tethers. Let us design a balloon program for your company or event.

We fly year-round, come out and enjoy!


Typically, a flight will take place in the early morning or evening when the winds are light. The flight will last about one hour but the memory will last a lifetime. From the time we meet, to launch through landing, pack up and the return trip, plan to spend two to three hours for your entire ballooning experience. Since this is your adventure, you have the opportunity to participate in the pre-flight and post-flight operations as an honorary crew member, at the direction of your pilot and crew. Following the flight each passenger will receive a Flight Certificate and be invited to celebrate your flight with a sparkling water toast accompanied by the Balloonists Prayer.

If you live in central Ohio, give us a call and join us for your own adventure.

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